• Hometown:
    Raleigh, NC
  • Birthday:
    July 10th
  • College and major:
    Florida State University; Dance, Minor: business
  • Cheer/Dance background:
    Over 16 years of dance experience in various forms of dance such as ballet, modern, jazz, and hip hop with international experience in countries such as Prague, Czech Republic; St. Petersburg, Russia; China and Mexico.
  • Hobbies:
    Listening to live music, acting, mediating, and being and advocate for healthy living and well being.
  • Favorite snack:
    Trail mix from Arden’s Garden! It has to be from there! Yummy
  • Beauty product you can’t live without: I can't live without my lip gloss....mascara comes in at a close 2nd...and then face moisturizer
  • How would others describe you: A fun person to be around. I don't let people into my life very easily...but once you're in you're in to stay!!! (unless you do something crazy...)
  • BC_bio_pics_Terri Why do you love being a Hawks Cheerleader? I love the comradely of being on the team. If you’re having a bad day...it never goes unnoticed, if you’re upset with your boyfriend...one of your teammates will tell you that you were right and he was wrong, if you make a mistake on the court...your fellow cheerleader will tell u that nobody noticed, and when your time has come to an end on the team you would've made lifelong friends. That's why I love being a Hawks Cheerleader!!!